Catch That Salmon 1

An instructive movie about strategy, techniques, flies and the tackle to use in very different conditions.

The movie is recorded in Iceland, which has some of the best atlantic salmon rivers in the World. From tiny fast flowing canyon rivers to slow and wide streams.

Nils fishes there entire season every year, from the beginning to the end as a real salmon bum. The camera has joined Nils on a number of these trips to very different rivers. He shares his knowledge and we’ll see him catch numerous salmon.

An instructive movie about strategy, techniques, flies and the tackle to use in very different conditions. All together experiences and knowledge that can be used no matter where in the World you fish for atlantic salmon.

Chapters in the movie

  1. Downstream fishing
  2. Small fly – Big river – Big fish
  3. Downstream – stripping the fly
  4. Upstream fishing
  5. Fishing across the stream

Locations from the movie

We have fished in very different Salmon rivers in Iceland to make this movie. Here is more information about the rivers, and links.

Eystri RangaEystri Ranga River

East Rangá is one of the best known salmon rivers in Iceland. It is located in South Iceland betweenHella and Hvolsvollur towns in about 70 min drive from Reykjavik. The river has been number one or two for the last 10 years in the number of salmon caught in Iceland. This has made East Rangá one of the most populare salmon river in Iceland.


Vatnsdalsá River is one of the most renowned salmon rivers in Iceland, famous for the size of its salmon. The river provides over 20 kilometers of fishing. We caught big salmons in this river.

Vatndalsa is located in the north western part of Iceland.

River JoklaRiver Jokla

Med over 50 km fiskestrækning til bare 6 – 8 stænger, er det altid til at finde pools der ikke er fisket for nylig. Elven er meget varieret, og der er flere små sideelve med god lakseopgang. De fleste steder er elven perfekt til laksefiskeri med enhåndsstang.

Laxa AdaldalLaxa i Adaldal

This is one of the most famous salmon rivers in Iceland. Many big salmon are caught here. The salmons have a high average weight and challenge of fishing a really big river.
We caught very big salmon in this unique river. It is located in the north eastern part of Iceland.

Laxa in DolumLaxa in Dolum

This delicate river in the central west region of Iceland ranks among the best in the country.

Laxa in Dolum is a medium-sized river with a fair volume of water, flowing down a rocky bed with alternate pools and runs. This river is famed for its large stock of fish and several multi-winter salmon are caught every year. Many pools are deep and very clear.

Catch That Salmon 1

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A film by Niels Vestergaard

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