Catch That Salmon 2

Experiences and knowledge that can be used no matter where in the World you fish for atlantic salmon.

This is an instructive movie about strategy, fishing technique and tackle under different conditions. Experiences and knowledge that can be used where ever in the world you fish for Atlantic Salmon.

Once again we join Nils Jørgensen in Iceland, but late in the season, where the salmon have migrated far up the rivers.
Late season requires a different set of eyes on the river.

Nils Jørgensen will share his knowledge on where to find the salmon, flies, tackle and fishing techniques.

All the time, adapting technique, tackle and choice of fly to the exact conditions and situation facing you is important. And Nils Jorgensen is a master at this.

The camera will follow Nils on a number of fishing trips, where he tells about his fishing, and we join him up close in dramatic fights with big salmon.

Chapters in the movie

  1. Downstream fishing in a calm stream
  2. Upstream fishing
  3. From the cliffs
  4. Upstream fishing in pools
  5. Downstream – stripping the fly
  6. Downstream fishing

Locations from the movie

We have fished in very different Salmon rivers in Iceland to make this movie. Here is more information about the rivers, and links.


Vídidalsá is one of Island´s classic rivers with perfect fly water and a reputation for producing exeptionally large salmon. It is located about 230 km from Reykjavík and is fished with only 8 rods. Víðidalsá is a medium to large size river with pools averaging 20 to 30 m in width.


The river is relatively small, making it the perfect stage for some fantastic sight fishing for salmon with single handed rods and small flies. Hitching is a very effective style of fishing on the Hrutafjardara, a method considered by many as the most entertaining form of salmon fishing. Hruta’s comfortable lodge is close is situated adjacent to the lower pools.


In the northern part of Iceland runs one of the finest salmon rivers you will find, the Miðfjarðará. A 115 km long river system that is based on 4 rivers. The main river the Miðfjarðará, the Austurá, the Vesturá and the small Núpsá.
There are over 220 named pools on the whole system and we only fish with 6 – 10 rods depending on the time of the season.

Laxa in AdaldalLaxa in Adaldal

This is one of the most famous salmon rivers in Iceland. Many big salmon are caught here. The salmons have a high average weight and challenge of fishing a really big river.
We caught very big salmon in this unique river. It is located in the north eastern part of Iceland.


Catch That Salmon 2

2 versions on the same disc (PAL)

A film by Niels Vestergaard

48 min

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