Wide Open  Video-on-Demand

Rent a fishing movie from Wide Open and watch it instantly on your 

computer, tablet or smartphone. (Windows/Mac computers. Android and Windows tablets and smartphones. iPad and iPhone.)

Unfortunately the subtitles will not be shown on iPhone and iPad.

You rent the movie for a 2-day period and can watch it as many times as you want. All prices are in € (Euros). 

Pay by Credit Card - or by your PayPal account - and get instant access to your movie. You don't need to log-in. The movie starts automatically, and after 15 - 30 minutes you will receive an email with a code, if you want to watch the movie later in the rental period.

Scroll through the playlist for free clips, trailers and videos.

You can watch the movies on your TV, just by connecting it to your computer. See instructions for your TV and computer.

Normally the movies play smoothly without problems. But if a problem occur, it is most often due to an unstable internet connection, or because of a computer not updated with the necessary software - especially java- or flash softwareIf you can watch the trailers and free videos in the playlist without problems, you can watch the Video-on-Demand too. 

To move forward or backward in the movie, move the cursor while the movie is playing.

I am not an expert, but if you run into problems, please send me an email: 

Niels Vestergaard

Wide Open Outdoor Film 
Niels Vestergaard • Aastrupvej 28 A • 4850 Stubbekoebing • Denmark